Thursday, September 9, 2010

Homework Solved?

Well, I must say that my new plan for homework is the best I've done so far!  A recap:

On Monday (ok, technical difficulties this week, but in theory...) they receive a cover sheet.
Each day, they score their own homework on completion.
The reverse side of the cover sheet is used for warm-up problems.
On Friday, the assignments for the week are stapled with the cover sheet and snapped into a binder for each class.

What I love:
How easy it is to enter scores - students have been honest so far.
I don't feel like I'm shuffling papers constantly!  Lowers my stress level.
Not as much keep-up with late work.  Some over the Friday-Monday transition, but during the week, it takes care of itself.
Students are getting into the routine fairly quickly.

Not so great:
If a student will be gone Friday, when should they turn in their packet?  If Thursday, they'll leave out the assignment assigned that day.  If Monday, it doesn't go in the Friday binder.  Not a big deal, just reality.
So many kids are missing already for sports and such, so I need to go over the procedure daily to catch the clueless ones.
I have to have weekly binders ready on Fridays!

Haven't implemented highlighting selected problems yet.  I figure I'm throwing enough procedure at them right now and I can start that later.  Overall, I'm really happy with the system.  Only a couple of complaints that students have to keep track of their homework until Friday, but more so because of the change in habit.  BRAINwork is to come once I can get my own routine in order.  I'm still excited about the preview concept.

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