Thursday, September 2, 2010

Status Update

From my big idea accountability list... after 3 days:

Teach Integrity - a big task, but I'd like to make it an overarching theme. I hope to make them want to have integrity but to be able to take ownership when they stumble. Lofty. One of my parenting goals too. Heck, they're all my kids anyway.
I really don't know how to get through to them.  They know right from wrong in most cases.  It's hard to teach them to want integrity for themselves.

Integrate previewing upcoming lessons. Like I've said, it will make instruction so much clearer for everyone.
I did this with precalc.  Once.  Need to get into the swing of things.

Homework handling - turning in end-of-week packets, self-scored for completion, teacher checks a selection for correctness/method.
Tomorrow's Friday - we'll see!

Modify interesting book problems to be less formula driven (example) and put together a sheet of 4-8 unconventional but doable problems to let students loose with... i.e. not give hints, direction, etc. Make them do their own thinking
Not many interesting applications yet - still getting the basics down.

Use graphing videos in Precalculus (weekly?) Sweeney and Meyer
Oh yeah!  Love my blog... I would have forgotten about these.  Maybe I'll get it ready for Monday.  If I put it on my lesson plan template, I'll always remember.  :)

Keeping up with my reflection blog
Not bad!  And helpful!

Communicating learning objectives clearly
I have the objectives typed up for each class for the first chapter.  Traveling to 4 different rooms makes it hard to get a habit/system started, but I've done okay.

Greeting students at the door, asking about their lives - will begin to actually care. :) Meyer and others
I'll try to start this once things settle down!

Use the Rule of 4 - representing topics verbally, algebraically, numerically, and graphically
Will keep in mind.  Still doing pretty basic stuff.

Use "clock partners" - each student has a clock with 12 possible partners - I tell them what hour for quick pairing
Would be great for Informal Geometry.  I'll try to fit it in.

Keep reading blogs for inspiration and motivation
Has died down significantly.  Maybe weekends...

Have a chapter outline ready at the beginning of each chapter for each class
Done!  The kids take notes on them.  :)

Including questions from previous tests on new tests
Must remember this one!

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